Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Chapter II: The First Ideas

In preproduction class, we need to figure out what we want to do for our thesis project. We'll propose the ideas and class instructor will guide/ supervise us until we get a solid, complete idea or story.

Each of us was required to present 3 different ideas at the beginning of the class and we'll pick the most interesting/ potential idea among the 3.

So the very first 3 ideas of mine:

i. The PRE 'Wanna Be Oddie'
The main character was trying to buy a coke but his coin has rolled underneath the vending machine accidentally.
He thought the big guy was tried to help him but the big guy took the coin and bought himself a drink instead.
As the result, the main character was trying to get back his coin/ drink back. 

 ii. A Pianist who Failed to Play his Piano

 iii. A Mad Scientist and His Monkey Assistant

As you can see, this was the very first rough sketches that I did just to present my basic ideas.
I had more sketches and ideas before I have my PRE Wanna Be Oddie in the coke and vending machine story but I just couldn't find those sketches.

After the first presentation, I was required to continue in develop these 3 ideas but after the 2nd presentation in the following week, we decided to pick the 1st idea as my thesis project.


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